Revival at the Orpheum

A unique collaborative event transpired at the Orpheum to ring out September in style – an honest to goodness full on revival awakening the masses to the not so secret Americana wave. The Revival Tour featuring Chuck Ragan (Hot Water Music), Ben Nichols (Lucero) and Tim Barry (Avail) along with friends Todd Beene (Glossary), Jon Gaunt (Whiskey & Co), Austin Lucas, Bob Lucas (Austin's dad), and Digger Barnes proves that hardcore kids can evolve while staying true to hardcore ideals. Back in the 90s going to shows at The Stone Lounge, and later 403 Chaos, along with the Hardback in Gainesville and many other venues up and down the eastern seaboard, I often wondered what would happen to all us hardcore kids as we got older. Local music fans already knew it was possible having witnessed the successful evolution of The Chase Theory to Have Gun, Will Travel. The Revival Tour reaffirms that transition while enabling us to hear new music discussing the issues of our day – war, economic crisis, etc. from a critical vantage. In traditional revival fashion, once the music started it kept on rolling as the musicians tag teamed in and out through each others sets until the final farewells rang out.

During Tim Barry’s set, a microphone outage, provided a glimpse back to the hardcore days: 

Tim Barry - Revival Tour 9.30.08

Next Ben Nichols took the stage:

Ben Nichols - Revival Tour 9.30.08

Mostly with Todd Beene:

Todd Beene - Revival Tour 9.30.08

There was a fun transition to Chuck Ragan’s set:

Revival Tour 9.30.08

Chuck Ragan's set contained the exuberant spirit you would expect:

Chuck Ragan - Revival Tour 9.30.08

Featuring Austin Lucas:

Revival Tour 9.30.08

Jon Gaunt:

Jon Gaunt - Revival Tour 9.30.08

and Digger Barnes:

Digger Barnes - Revival Tour 9.30.08

In these troubled times, the Revival Tour provides a welcome (albeit temporary) antidote to the uneasiness pervading the atmosphere and reinforcement for the hope that “The Times They Are A Changing.”

Revival Tour 9.30.08

Special thanks to Ben for obtaining the critical photo pass for this event because without it you would not have been able to enjoy this blog.

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