Rick Baker is an undecided voter when it comes to Greenlight Pinellas

It was a fairly packed ballroom inside the St. Pete Yacht Club on Thursday when the Suncoast Tiger Bay Club hosted a debate on the Greenlight Pinellas initiative.

If it at times veered into the realms of incivility (see our story here), it also had plenty of facts and figures, though PSTA Chair Ken Welch and No Tax For Trax head Barbara Haselden often disagreed about what they were. And though it appeared from an outsider's perspective that many in the audience had already made up their minds on the intense issue, not everyone falls in that camp.

"I have taken a position yet, that's why I came here today," former St. Petersburg Mayor Rick Baker told CL. "I wanted to find out more about it."

But with even some of the most relatively mundane facts seemingly in dispute between the two camps, did he learn anything after it was said and done?

"I learned a lot about it on both sides," he told CL. "But I'm going to continue to learn a little bit more about it."