Rick Scott doubles down on voter purge

But the Republican Party of Florida feels their on solid ground, and continues to criticize the Obama administration for not giving them access to a federal Department of Homeland Security database that they say has better intelligence than admittedly the files they sent to supervisors of elections offices that were so bad that, in the case of Broward and Hillsborough County, those offices stopped contacting the alleged non-citizens on their respective lists. Detzner writes:

For nine months, Florida has sought access to the best available information to ensure the accuracy of our voter registration rolls: the Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements (SAVE) database maintained by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Because DHS has repeatedly blocked Florida?s access, we have been unable to send additional information to supervisors of elections since April 30, 2012. We continue to wait for access to the most current information available, and we respectfully reiterate our request for immediate access to the SAVE database.

Also not so surprising, Scott critics are bashing him for doubling down.

Mark Ferrulo with the group Progress Florida, is blasting Scott for his decision.

?It?s now crystal clear that Floridians can't trust their own governor to protect our most fundamental democratic right, the right to vote. Scott?s action today means that Floridians must rely upon the Department of Justice, our County Supervisors of Elections, and if necessary the courts, to protect the fairness of our elections.

?Today?s announcement confirms what many of us already suspected: that Rick Scott will stop at nothing to continue the GOP?s disgraceful legacy of disenfranchising voters in Florida. The fact that Gov. Scott is using the nearly nonexistent threat of voter fraud as an excuse to continue his dragnet voter purge reveals his true intention to rig the 2012 election. We call on the Department of Justice to launch an immediate investigation into Gov. Scott?s disgraceful attempt to purge eligible Florida voters, particularly Hispanic and African American U.S. citizens, from the voting rolls.?

As anticipated, Florida Governor Rick Scott has responded to last week's call by the Justice Department to stop its crackdown on non-citizens from the voting rolls, and not surprisingly, he's not abiding by their request.

"The Department of State respectfully disagrees with DOJ's position," Florida Secretary of State Ken Detzner wrote in the state's first official response. "The actions taken by Florida to identify and remove non-citizens from its voter rolls ensures that the right to vote of citizens is protected and is not diluted by the vote of ineligible persons."

However that doesn't mean that the state's supervisor of elections will immediately proceed with the controversial measure. The South Florida Sun-Sentinel reports that Ron Labasky, attorney for the Florida Association of Supervisors of Elections, said that the SOE's won't continue with the voter purge until the dispute with the federal government is resolved.

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