RNC Host Committee says many millions spent locally for convention, but won't release specific figures or businesses

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"It's millions and millions and millions and millions," he said when answering his own question about how much has been spent in the local community already. Projections by convention organizers since Tampa won the bid two years ago for the convention is that it would bring in approximately $175 million to the local economy.

Though not saying how many millions have been spent, he did say that "it is substantial, and it's probably more than you would think," while promising to have all that financial information accessible when he has to legally — that being on October 15, over a month and a half after the convention is over, when the Host Committee submits their financial disclosure form regarding expenditures for the convention.

In terms of the sheer presence of people in Tampa, Ken Jones quoted Convention Mike Miller, the director of Convention Operations, who has upped the number of reporters who will be attending the four-day affair to around 16,500, up from the 15,000 figure that has been used over the past year.

Also Jones said that the figure of 75,000 hotel rooms nights being booked throughout the Tampa Bay area for the convention is being increased to around 90,000 such nights.

The Host Committee for the Republican National Convention today released a list of how many local businesses are getting a piece of the pie for one of the biggest events to ever happen in Tampa, now just 20 days away.

Or we should say, they released a list of different types of businesses that are being utilized by the Host Committee and the Committee on Arrangements, as you can see below.

Catering/ Motor Pool/Rental Cars
Construction/ Office Supplies/Furniture
Creative Services/ Operations and Build Out
Event Services/ Parking
Facility Rental/ Printing
Facilities Upgrades/ Production
Hotels/ Staff Housing
Information Technology/ Security
Legal/Accounting Compliance

Host Committee CEO Ken Jones disputes the notion that if the local business being patronized is part of a national chain, that means the money isn't going into the local Tampa Bay economy.

"This idea that because it's a Marriott property or because it's a Hilton property that somehow it doesn't benefit the local community, that is not true," he told reporters on a press conference/conference call Tuesday morning. "Same thing with Enterprise Rental Car.....also local car dealerships loaning and renting cars to us for the convention."

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