Romney looking good in last 24 hours of Florida primary

On Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace, Gingrich showed that the unrelenting attack ads by both Romney and his Super PAC (estimated to be about $16 million worth) are getting to him, as he accused his opponent of lying.

WALLACE: Now, you say that Romney lies repeatedly and that ad, that we show the first one, you say he can't be trusted — is Governor Romney fit to be president, sir?

GINGRICH: Well, let me just take those two ads. NBC is asking to take down the ad of Tom Brokaw on it.

The fact is Romney knows that ad is misleading. CNN has done an entire package pointing out on every single count, I was exonerated. I never paid a fine which the term Romney uses over and over again. I did not resign at the time. I served two more years.

We passed the largest capital gains tax cut in history. Unemployment came down to 4.2 percent. We passed the balanced budget act in 1997 and we balanced the budget out as a result of that, for four straight years, the only time in your lifetime.

Romney knows all these things are true. He's running an ad that's factually false.

Now, let's take my ad. Every single thing in my ad is true. And, frankly, the reason that I was relatively flat on Thursday's debate is I don't know how you debate a person in the civil — being civil, when he stands there and just blatantly doesn't tell the truth.

And I'll give you just one example. Romney said he only voted for Paul Tsongas in the Democratic primary in 1992, the most liberal Democratic running because there was no alternative.

Larry Sabato of Virginia sent out a tweet during the debate and said that was just a falsehood, that, in fact, he could have voted for George H.W. Bush or Pat Buchanan at the same day.

There are time after time after time when you try to engage Governor Romney — we just learned yesterday, there are 23 foreign accounts that he did not reveal back when he filed his disclosures that have now shown up because he finally revealed his taxes.

And, you know, this guy is supposed to be a great manager. He misses 23 foreign accounts that just happened not to be disclosed.

The two candidates will both be whipping through Tampa Bay on the last full day of campaigning.

Gingrich will be at the Tampa Jet Center at 4751 Jim Walter Boulevard in Tampa at 1 p.m. (want to put money on it that it doesn't start on time?), while Mitt Romney invades Dunedin's Pioneer Park (corner of Main St. and Douglas Avenue) at 2:15 p.m.

Early voting has ended, and more than half a million Florida Republicans (534,476) have exercised their franchise to participate in the January 31 presidential primary, through absentee balloting and early voting.

Every recent poll conducted over the past few days shows Mitt Romney with a dominant lead over Newt Gingrich, with Quinnipiac providing the latest survey, out Monday morning, showing the former Massachusetts Governor with a solid 14-point edge, 43-29 percent. However, an Insider Advantage poll has Romney up only by 5 points, 36-31.

On the campaign trail, Romney is feeling the love, trashing Gingrich in Naples for making excuses for his poor debate performances last week and comparing him to "Goldilocks."

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