Ron Jeremy's penis tweets and blogs

It's not enough that Ron Jeremy's penis is nearly twice as large as mine, makes more money in a year than I'll earn in a lifetime, has replicas made in its image, is a movie star, or has sex with more beautiful women than I'll ever masturbate to—now his penis has started blogging and tweeting, gaining a larger readership in a few weeks than I've amassed in a few years.

Jeremy's penis has started sending regular tweets at, offering an interesting perspective into the notorious performer's life:

"Ron is still sleeping but I've been up for hours. He must be dreaming about buffets again."

This raises the important question, does his penis have its own cell phone, or does it simply poke the buttons through his pants pocket?

Jeremy's penis also hosts its own blog, where it rants on its desire to distinguish itself from Jeremy.

"I wasn't circumcised yesterday," Jeremy's penis wrote. His penis is not naïve to the fact that Jeremy has piggy backed off of its fame all these years; it is just finally speaking out. In addition to developing its own fan base, Jeremy's penis talks about everything from recent therapy sessions to its American Idol picks.

This is just further evidence of the takeover of another social technology by commercial marketing and promotion (R.I.P. Myspace). But, I have to say, Jeremy's penis is surprisingly entertaining even when it's not having sex with women.

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