Ron Paul is still running for president. Gingrich too.

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?This campaign is very, very viable for two reasons. One, they want to want to win if we can, they want to maximize the delegates and they do want to have an impact. That is very important to every single supporter,? Paul told the cable business channel Monday morning, adding that by staying in the race, he could possibly benefit from another Romney mistake.

?You don?t quit because you happen to be behind,? he said. ?You want to see how you do. And who knows? Maybe somebody will stumble.?

Meanwhile, while some are outraged about a Secret Service agent's involvement with a prostitute in Cartagena, nobody seems to be too bent out of shape that also-ran presidential candidate Newt Gingrich is still getting Secret Service protection, at taxpayers expense.

Gingrich appears to be limiting his occasional campaign appearance to public zoos, where he is cultivating the animal vote. Last week he got bit by a Magellanic penguin. He's also over $4 million in debt.

Remember Ron Paul?

The iconoclastic GOP presidential candidate was never a truly serious candidate to win the nomination this year, but he was an invaluable part of the process early on, especially during those many debates that seemed to have taken every other week for several months in the fall and winter of 2011/2012.

With five primary elections scheduled for Tuesday, Paul will be back in the news again collecting votes from his supporters, as will be fellow also-ran Newt Gingrich. Neither man has conceded in their race for the Republican nomination. Mitt Romney's one serious challenger, former Senator Rick Santorum, dropped of the race earlier this month.

On CNBC Monday morning, Paul said he would continue to run in a "modified" way even after Romney grabs the 1,144 delegates necessary to win the Republican nomination.

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