Ron Paul to explore run for prez (video)

The two then got into an exchange about the infamous "Ground Zero Mosque," the cultural center proposed in Lower Manhattan that became a huge political issue late last summer.

Paul told Hannity that he shouldn't blame all Muslims for what happened after 9/11.

"You are not concerned about the families of 9/11 and what happened?” Hannity asked.

“This means you blame the religion, you don't want to blame the religion,” Paul responded. “The principle here is a private property principle. We shouldn't have governments building buildings and telling people where to build. It should be a private property issue.”

Paul and Hannity did share common ground on Paul's familiar criticisms of the Federal Reserve Board.

Paul also joked that he wished that nobody had to pay income taxes, saying that you could fund the government by user fees, like gasoline taxes.

Paul is undoubtedly a long shot, but he has a fierce and passionate following, and is said to be doing pretty well in polls taken in Iowa and New Hampshire, the first two spots for the 2012 election campaign.

Although a lot of Republicans say they were "Tea Party" before there was a Tea Party (yeah, we're talking about Rick Santorum), Texas Congressman Ron Paul probably fits that bill as well as anyone.

Paul is a full-fledged Libertarian of course, and ran under that party's nomination for president in 1988. But he drew the most press coverage of his long career with his iconoclastic run for the GOP nomination for president in 2007-2008.

He is set to announce in Iowa on Tuesday that he is forming an exploratory committee to run for the 2012 nomination. He announced this on Fox News' Hannity program, where Paul also got into a spirited exchange with Sean Hannity regarding Sharia law.

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