Roxxxy the sex robot unveiled at AVN expo in Vegas (video)

Various pressure sensors all over her body trigger verbal responses that correspond with what you do to her. Luckily Roxxxy’s voice is pre-recorded so it doesn’t sound like you’re making love to Stephen Hawking or your uncle with a tracheotomy and an electric voice box.

[image-1]Roxxxy also comes with various preset personalities like SNM Susan, an 18-year-old model, Mature Martha, and Wild Wendy, who according to Hines, “is very aggressive. She loves to make a lot of noise… if I started going ahead and then making advances toward her, she’ll say, ‘Give it to me hard. Touch me where it counts,’ and so forth.”

The love doll can also plug into the computer and be reprogrammed online. Users can create unique personalities and share these with friends  (and by friends I assume Hines means other sex robot owners you meet online). She can be programmed to say your name, remember your preferences, dislikes, or even to snore.

"She knows exactly what you want," Hines said. "If you like Porsches, she likes Porsches, if you like soccer, she likes soccer."

Most astonishingly of all, this robot, who has the face and mental capacity of a lobotomy patient with a boob job, can even hold a conversation.

For me, Roxxxy raises a number of question. First of all, where do you hide a life-sized sex robot when people come over, or god forbid, if you get a real girlfriend? What if she starts yelling at you from inside the closet. Also, If you have $9k to blow on a toy, why not just go to Nevada and buy the real thing?

I can almost understand why lonely, wealthy men might want a life-sized doll to simulate sex, talk dirty, and even say your name free from the fear of pregnancy, STDs, or any of the other baggage that goes with sex. However, I'm baffled as to why a grown man would want a doll as a companion. Since when is it okay for anyone other than children to converse with dolls? Even if you're hideous or painfully shy, you can always find someone to talk to: therapists, phone sex operators, bartenders, or anyone online. Just like plot in porn, I think Hines is concentrating his efforts in the wrong areas, at least in regards to his male customers.

Never the less, this is just a first step in the evolution of robot love dolls. Look for future advances like warm bodies, animatronic orifices and limbs, and yes, male models (though I bet the main consumers will still be men). I even forsee models that can be plugged into a phone line and made to imitate the speaker. Taking this a step further, one day sex doll operators will control sex dolls online, deciding what the doll says and how it moves. Of course at that point, the law will have to start worrying about who's to blame when users start dying of erotic asphyxiation.

During the 2010 Adult Video News (AVN) awards show and expo last weekend in Las Vegas, introduced the first ever sex doll with artificial intelligence.

In many respects, the $9K robot, Roxxxy, is similar to other modern sex dolls. She can be custom ordered to match skin, hair, and breast preferences. She is 5’7,” 120lbs, has flesh-like skin, an articulate skeleton, and as the introverted president of, Douglas Hines, recently told a crowd of adult entertainers, “she’s anatomically consistent with a real person. She has three inputs, so what you could think of for a woman, uh, she can do, and she can do a little more than a woman.”

Despite these other distractions, Hines believes Roxxxy's real appeal is her artificial intelligence.

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