Saying farewell to fair-weather men

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Giving up on a good guy is difficult, especially when you are nearing an age when you are ready to settle down. But, while you still have feelings for these lingering love-interests, these men are just distracting you from finding a man who is willing to do whatever it takes to be with you. Each time fair-weather guys message you to remind you how much they like you, miss you, or wish they could be with you, you temporarily put your emotional life on hold. Instead of allowing yourself to find new men, or to emotionally invest in a guy who is willing to give your relationship a chance, you waste your time on men who don't have the balls to make their move.

It is time to cut these emotional-squatters from your life. Delete their numbers, delete them as Facebook friends, and stop responding to their 3am texts. However painful, you must rip the band-aid off, pull the loose tooth, cut ties?use whatever metaphor works for you, but remove these guys from your life.

Remember, if he is not willing to fight to make a relationship with you work, he will not fight to make a marriage with you work.

The past two weeks I've written about fair-weather men who pop back into your life periodically to remind you how much they wish they could be with you, provided circumstances were different. The circumstances are not the problem. These men are. If they truly wanted to be with you, they would find a way to be with you. It may be difficult, but the best thing to do with these guys is to delete them from your life.

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