Second Annual St. Pete Noise Fest

I've got some pretty varied taste in music and I'm usually pretty open to the sort of sonics other people tend to find abrasive, or abnormal, or just plain out there. I like music that feels like it could fall apart at any minute, that's absurd or ironic, that's too smart for its own good. I like music that sounds like it comes from outerspace, music with noises I can't describe in simple text (though they're a bitch to write about), and I'm especially drawn to novelty as long as it's backed up by brilliance and not some sort of artificial play at it. I like dissonance and cacophony, especially when the band that brandishes it knows what they're doing.

But I'll be the first to admit that I'm just not a fan of Noise, nor do I think I really even get it. I mean, any genre of music that, by definition, means a loud, harsh, confused, discordant sound or group of sounds, just doesn't sound appealing to me. And I've yet to find a self-described noise band that's done anything other than turn me off.

But that doesn't mean there isn't something redeeming about it, to someone. Which brings me to the real reason for this post: St. Pete International Noise Fest 2. (Organizers sent the press release to me too late for inclusion in the paper, but on time enough to make it to this blog.)

The free, BYOB outdoor fest features 13 bands with such memorably awful and amusing names as Insecticide Lobotomy, Grand Hotel Abyss, Black Beast of Arrrghhh, The Uh..., The Fuckin Faggots (pictured above, if you couldn't tell by the sign boobtube being used as a sign), Cozmonot 13, Aloonaluna, The Penetralia and Telepathik Friend. I've checked out a few, and they're actually not half bad. More ambient noise and Dan Deacon-esque electro rather than harsh. Could be a fun time; I bet some of these guys have some crazy light rigs.

Sat., April 4, 6 p.m., Megavod, 11498 68th St., Largo, free admission.

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