Sen. Marco Rubio says historians who met with Joe Biden are ‘snobs’

'These are elitists completely insulated from the consequences of the things they support.'

click to enlarge Sen. Marco Rubio says historians who met with Joe Biden are ‘snobs’
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U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio is accusing historians who met with President Joe Biden of being “snobs” working against the interest of “everyday people.”

Biden met with a handful of academics, including Princeton University history professor Sean Wilentz, University of Virginia historian Allida Black, journalist Anne Applebaum and presidential historian Michael Beschloss.

The Washington Post reported that during a meeting, the intellectuals compared the current political environment to the elections of 1860 and 1940.

“Let me translate it for you,” Rubio offered viewers of Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle” before mocking what the historians said to the President.

“‘Mr. President, there’s millions and millions of everyday Americans out there, and they’re good meaning but they’re uneducated, they’re backwards they don’t know what’s good for them and they’re falling into the trap of really evil people convincing them of things like real democracy, rule of law, enforcing borders … all these things are terrible, and Mr. President, it’s important for us not to let these people — translation, it’s important for us not to let the American people, working everyday people and their common sense — play a role in our decision making.’”
Those with long historical memories might hear echoes of then-candidate Barack Obama complaining about voters in 2008 clinging to guns and religion, an offhand quote that Republicans have riffed on since.

Rubio then blasted “elitists” and “snobs” as he expanded his analysis and set up a paean to the “common sense” and “wisdom” and “working class values” of Americans.

“You used the word snobs earlier today, there’s no better description for it. These are elitists completely insulated from the consequences of the things they support until of course the Governor of Texas buses illegal immigrants to their city, then they start complaining. Until, of course, crime goes out of control because their prosecutors won’t put people away. Then they care because it impacts them.

“This is at the core, the biggest division in American politics today is not Republican and Democrat, it is that we have people in charge of government that do not care about working Americans and are completely out of touch with the common sense, wisdom and the working class values of millions and millions and millions of Americans who, by the way, these people in power work for,” Rubio contended.

This story was first published at Florida Politics.
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