Sex Bites: Woods blows up over sex doll, Robert Pattinson goes gay, a serial killer wins dating game show

man-on-man sex scenes. Like Harry Pottery's Daniel Radcliffe exploring his acting range by going nude in the play "Equus," this may be Pattinson's attempt to flex his acting muscles. The scenes were filmed on an open set and Pattinson had to pretend to have a nervous break down while having sex doggie style---which I guess may not be that difficult for a straight man to fake.

-Jerry Spring to play matchmaker: Spring is set to host a new daytime dating show for the Game Show Network entitled, "Baggage," in which contestants must reveal their most offensive qualities to potential dates.


-Rules of attraction: Andrew Trees’s new book Decoding Love, breaks down the logic behind attraction and dating. One surprising finding: dangerous situations can intensify a partner's sexual attraction.

-HPV strikes again: When spread through oral sex, the STI, HPV has been linked to head and neck cancers. A push is now being made for males to get vaccinated for the virus along with females before they reach sexual maturity.


-French prostitutes prefer laissez-faire hooking: A proposed law that would legalize brothels in France was recently protested by sex workers who fear government regulations---more proof that the French will protest anything.

-The serial killer dating game contestant: Convicted serial killer, Rodney Alcala, once won “The Dating Game” as Bachelor No. 1. months before he killed four women and a child in the late 70s. He was admitted onto the show despite having already been convicted of the rape of an 8-year-old girl in 1968.

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-Tiger Woods blows up over inflatable sex doll: The famous golfer and philanderer is seeking legal action against Pipe Dreams Products for selling a sex doll of his likeness.

-Jesse James reverts to his roots: Sandra Bullock’s husband and motorcycle bad boy, Jesse James, has a type—-unfortunately for Bullock his type is not a skinny, Academy Award winning actress lacking tattoos. James, who's was married to heavily tattooed and naturally voluptuous porn star, Janine Lindemulder,  was caught cheating with heavily tattooed and voluptuous stripper, Michelle McGee. Now rumors are starting to surface that James often searched for big boobed biker girls online.

-Gay vampire: Twilight's Robert Pattinson may shed his teen idol status when he portrays Salvador Dali in the upcoming film, Little Ashes. In the film, Pattinson is shown engaging in multiple

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