Sex news in review

Heidi Klum's topless vacation, Olivia Wilde's bare butt, #aftersex selfies, iPhone vibrator, US Airways' 'landingstrip' tweet, smallest penis contest...


10 models taking steamy pre-sex selfies: 

This nude black and white photo series captures a hotel love affair (NSFW):

A defense of #aftersex selfies — and a peek at some of the best pics on the web:

These nude photographs show a softer, feminine side of bondage (NSFW):


Congresswomen introduce bill to regulate overzealous Photoshopping:


Heidi Klum's topless vacation in Mexico:

Pictures from Mimi Faust and Nikko's sex tape:

Christina Aguilera's pregnancy boobs are out of control:

Olivia Wilde strips naked in new film, Third

Read the full, lurid sex assault lawsuit against X-Men director Bryan Singer:

Lindsay Lohan explains why she doesn't wear a bra on her show:



Porn star Coco Velvett reacts to watching one of her sex scenes for the first time (video): 


Key themes in sexuality and sexual health research:


A vibrator that looks exactly like your iPhone?

The pocket-size masturbation toy men have been waiting for: 


7 ancient contraceptives that will make you very glad you live in the 21st century: 

New dads, like new moms, get depressed after kids are born: 

Why dudes should do kegel exercises:


Florida Woman on crack gives birth in motel, bites off umbilical cord:

Polk County teacher admits to falling in love with 17-yr-old student and aborting his child:


What "food porn" would actually look like:

US Airways tweeted a really pornographic image of a model plane inside a vagina (NSFW): 

Finland's new graphic gay bondage postage stamps:

Munich created six urban naked zones where nudists can bare all:

Police seek creepy OBGYN who took nude photos of patient:

Why pool sex is a really terrible idea:

The story of the elite prostitutes of 18th-century Paris and the detectives who tracked them:

India officially recognizes transgender people as "third gender":

Iran is considering banning vasectomies: 

The 50 hottest male trainers In America 2014:

There's going to be a Magic Mike sequel: 

The case for couples getting separate beds:

Brooklyn’s smallest penis contest is back:

This WWI love letter proves that love is timeless, makes us swoon: 

Would you get married in a sewage treatment facility?

Rapper allegedly severs penis and jumps from balcony:

If women hit on men with the same douchebag tactics that men hit on women (video): 

Fisherman finds rabbit dildo in a cod's stomach:

Republicans are quietly trying to make it harder for you to get divorced: 

The world's first female penises belong to brazilian cave-dwelling bugs: 

After stepdaughter comes out, Supreme Court lawyer who argued against gay marriage says his views have evolved:

The men who raced to be the first penis in a museum:

It's no longer legal to sexually harass unpaid interns in New York City:

The real reason women are going the egg-freezing route instead of having children earlier:

High school makes students dress according to gender for graduation:

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