Sex news of the weird: immaculate pool conception and more

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Immaculate pool conception: Magdalena Kwitatkowska sued an Egyptian hotel after discovering that her 13-year-old daughter, whom she believes is a virgin, was impregnated by a stray sperm while swimming in the hotel's pool.

A good excuse: In Australia, charges of driving without a license were dropped after the 24 year-old defendant explained to the judge why he so desperately needed to drive to his cousin's house: "My cousin was about to [have sex with] this girl and he needed his bag because it had his condoms in it."

Dumb scientists: In June the National Institute of health granted the famous Kinsey Institute $423,000 to study why men prefer not to use condoms during sex.

Thunderous sex: In western Germany, a couple stopped on the roadside for some heavy necking before deciding to take their relationship to the next level, by having sex in the adjacent woods. They walked a good distance into the forested area before stripping. Like something out of a romance novel, or a Garth Brooks song, a lightning storm kicked up while the pair made love like animals. Unfortunately, lightning struck the ground near enough to physically move the couple. Naked, they ran back to their car in the downpour but got lost. Luckily a fellow motorist noticed them wandering around naked and alerted the authorities.

In defense of the quickie: In Missouri in 2007, a woman became pregnant after having sex with identical twins in the same day. It was impossible for a paternity test to prove which brother was the father so the judge assigned paternity payments to the brother who spent the night with the woman instead of the one who just popped in for a quickie.

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