Sex talk: a tale of two sisters

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My initial response was just that other things matter more to me than looks, but I surely owed her more than that. These are formative years for Rose. With my mom and middle sister, both proponents of "hot" guys, serving as her main influences, I don't want her to think looks are all that matter when it comes to dating.

Our society is obsessed with physical attractiveness. As I write this, sitting in Manhattan's newly-reopened Highline Park, I can't help but overhear the two bikini-clad girls laying nearby, "He's hot, but like so shallow."

"Well," I began, looking into my sister's wide, blue eyes, "the people I date are generally interesting, intelligent, low-drama and good in bed." That last one made her blush, but, hey - I'm being honest.

"The more interesting they are, the more attractive I find them."

"But don't you ever just think a guy is hot?" she asked.

"Nah, doesn't really happen," I replied. "I think women are hot all the time, but men, not so much. It's just the way I'm wired, I guess. But it works out, 'cause I never go for stuck-up jerks who think they're all that and a bag of tits."

"Okay, but… don’t you wanna have cute babies?" Rose asked with a giggle.

"Babies are cute by default…especially if they're yours."

"Well, yeah," she replied.

She did bring up the interesting point of choosing a life partner, someone with whom you might want to pop out moderately-attractive offspring.

"Falling in love is a different story all together," I told her. "That just happens and it's thrilling and scary and totally illogical. But you don't fall in love with most people you date. I date plenty of guys who I like and enjoy, but don't fall for. They tend to be interesting, intelligent, low-drama and, if they get there, good in bed."

"But wouldn't you like to fall in love with a hot guy?" Rose asked.

"Well," I replied. "It doesn't matter if other people find him attractive as long as I do. In fact, it's better that way…less competition!"

"True dat," she nodded. "I still wanna date a hot guy, though."

"That's cool, as long as he's nice to you."

"Duh," she replied.

Duh, indeed.

More more, check out Miss Ginger's blog at & Twitter @MyGingersnaps.

Boners, dykes, pubes, drag queens - I've discussed it all with my 13-year-old sister, Rose. We have a sort of no-holds-barred relationship; she can ask me anything and I'll be completely honest. Growing up, my Bubbi and I shared the same sort of communication and I treasured it, so I wanted to offer this kind of relationship to my sisters.

Without batting an eye, I've explained  condoms, abortions, why I'm bisexual or "half-lesbian," and, to her surprise, that women get armpit hair. But recently, Rose asked something that gave me pause. She wanted to know why I don't date hot guys.

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