Sh*t Happened 01/02/18: frigid everything, unspeakable menus

Seriously, we just don't want to know.

click to enlarge Sh*t Happened 01/02/18: frigid everything, unspeakable menus
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Aaaand we're back with the first edition of Shit Happened in 2018! Happy New Year!

Yesterday at this time we were trying to navigate through a champagne haze. Trying to use a fork was a challenge, so we hope you excuse our absence.

We're a little better today. We even made it to the gym at a reasonable hour and are judging all those who didn't.

But things aren't looking up for everyone, that's for damn sure. A 15- and a 25-year-old were shot and killed after fighting broke out at a Tampa warehouse party. Details are still coming out, and the question remains as to whether The Good Guy with a Gun took New Year's Day off or simply ducked out early.

Across the region, meanwhile, chilly winds compelled Floridians to wrap themselves in whatever warm items happened to be around, mostly beach towels crusted with sand from Christmas.

And, finally, Governor Rick Scott met with one Donald J. Trump at the latter's Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach for a New Year's Day lunch. We shudder to think of what could have been on the menu. Deep-fried miscellaneous endangered species with an orphan-tear aioli? Oreos crusted with hundred dollar bill powder? Actually, perhaps in this case we would rather not know.

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