Sh*t Happened 05/01/17: Climate march, aspiring despot chats with actual despot, fracking smack-down

Sh*t Happened 05/01/17: Climate march, aspiring despot chats with actual despot, fracking smack-down
Carmella Gioul

Oh, it's a weekday. Again. 

How was your weekend?

Ours was...action-packed. And by "action" we mean rosé and sand and doggos.

Other people did stuff, too, apparently.


One Donald J. Trump signed an executive order that essentially opens the door for more offshore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, ostensibly to boost job growth — that is, until the next Deepwater Horizon mows down the hospitality industry in gulf states like ours. Again. But, really, it was probably just to spite a dolphin he thought was laughing at him once.

The Florida Legislature got one step closer to passing a bill implementing medical marijuana — something they've been dragging their feet on, ostensibly because they believe marijuana is a harmful substance (but probably because the pharmaceutical industry is paying them to pretend they think it is so to fend off competition).


Hundreds of locals marched in Tampa as part of the People's Climate March, in part to mark Trump's 100 days in office and voice their fears over his knack for imperiling our air and water. 

Trump, meanwhile, was getting cosy with one of the most brutal dictators of our time, Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte. Trump invited Duterte, a brutal authoritarian who is believed to have literally killed hundreds of people suspected of selling drugs. He reportedly invited him to the White House, and it is unclear whether Trump has the capacity to understand that shaking hands with the man does not magically give him the power to kill whoever he wants. 


Notice how hot it was over the weekend? Well, that heat is lending itself to lots of fires, including a brush fire in Pasco County over the weekend. Last year and the year before, these fires were merely a symbol of climate change. Now they're a symbol of just about every other aspect of our collective experience.

And, finally, Florida lawmakers (namely House Speaker Richard Corcoran) killed a bill that would have allowed power companies (namely Florida Power and Light) to charge you when they want to go frack in other states, probably even if they didn't get around to the actual fracking. Because that is something utility companies do in Florida, and the only thing that can stop them is a smack-down from a powerful lawmaker. That's a rare thing, but when it happens, we give props. 

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