Sh*t happened 1/22/16: Campus carry bill dead, cemetery desecration reward

Good morning. As you head off to yet another day of TPS reports, just be thankful you live on the part of the East Coast not spending today bracing for Snowpocalypse II: The Re-Blizzarding. And hey, if you're in the area from Boston or DC and your flight home gets canceled, here's some stuff to read.

A Republican Florida Senate committee chairman shot down a bill to allow concealed carry on Florida's state campuses (See what I did there?) by refusing to schedule a hearing during the 2016 session. Not all baldly stupid ideas immediately get implemented, even here in the Sunshine State. But remember — more often than not, we as a species eventually stick our collective tongue into the fan just to see how it feels.

Remember that crypt desecration and robbery in Ybor last week? Crime Stoppers has offered up a $3,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the perpetrator(s). Which really sounds more like a trick to get the criminals to reveal themselves, because three grand probably seems like a butt-ton of money to someone whose lifestyle necessitates the stealing of bodies.

And finally, Busch Gardens revealed the concert lineup for this year's installment of its Food & Wine Festival. The performers are as blandly mainstream as one would expect for this kind of thing, with a few highlights — including Meat Loaf! Meat Loaf is playing a food festival! How awesomely meta is that? Do not squander this opportunity for the world's best music-and-food pairing, Busch Gardens. Just don't.

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