Sh*t happened 1/25/16: Wrong-way drivers, dumb teens, dumber teens

Ned Stark was right. 


A woman arrested in the early morning hours for driving the wrong way on I-75 turns out to be the first of a hat trick weekend (here are two and three) for wrong-way drivers, signaling a stunning return to form for last year's dumbest dangerous thing stupid and/or drunk people can do in their cars.

Is three a trend even if one person is responsible for two instances? A 15-year-old girl was arrested for helping make bomb threats to two Keys high schools; as with last week's Florida teen bomb threat, which involved Instagram, the girl left a trail of incriminating evidence on her cell phone, proving that Florida high schools clearly need to offer an elective about mobile technology.


More in kids being dumb: a lot of them still don't know that synthetic drugs like K2, spice and bath salts can be dangerous. Not sure a new high school course is gonna help anybody who's still taking bath salts.

Have we got any more "dumb kids" news? Absolutely. Check out these Arizona students who thought it would be a good idea to take a picture of themselves being unquestionably racist, then post it on the internet. Maybe they can do some kind of exchange-student program with the Florida kids who think talking about bomb threats via text message and Instagram is a good idea.


And finally, we know who will be playing in Super Bowl L (that's 50 in old-timey letter-numbers) between the commercials everyone will be talking about the next day at work.

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