Sh*t happened 1/7/16: Bucs' Lovie Smith fired, Epiphany achieved, Rick Scott's PR push

Here's to approaching what may be the first weekend in a long while during which you won't have to host or drag yourself to some obligatory seasonal to-do. We're almost there, but first, let's desecrate the remains of yesterday's newsbits right up in your tired, innocent face, shall we?

The Bucs fired coach Lovie Smith after two consecutive losing seasons. If you A) think this affects you personally in any way, and B) don't receive a paycheck from the Bucs organization, please try to remember that local professional sports competitions aren't really a symbolic opportunity to replay difficult conflicts from your past. In many cases, they actually siphon millions of community dollars without any guaranteed return on investment! HUT HUT HIKE!

A 17-year-old from Hudson retrieved the cross from its watery hidey-hole in this year's 110th annual Epiphany tradition in Tarpon Springs. Which is very cool! Try not to make this about you personally, either, Captain I Have To Have An Opinion About Everything. (That's the job of this column, Doctor Hubris.)

And finally, not even the Republican state legislature is so hot on Rick Scott these days: The governor is spending $1 million on an ad campaign pimping his proposed — and very unpopular — tax cuts and business incentives to the citizenry. The only English phrase dumber and more disastrous than "let's run the government like a business" is "I can do that, here, hold my beer." So very Florida, both of those.

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