Sh*t happened 10/29/15: Google Fiber, Tampa cops in hock, more

So, hey, there was another GOP debate last night! So who won? Some say Rubio, some say Christie, some say Cruz. Which is all just proof that the real losers are the sane.

Tampa might be getting Google Fiber, the ultrafast internet service provided by a company that totally doesn't already know way too much about your web browsing habits and definitely isn't trying to take over the world at all. Tech: It's creepy sometimes, and we don't even care as long as FASTERCHEAPERMORECONVENIENTNOWNOWNOW.

In Tampa cop news, a couple (literally) of former police officers were indicted on charges related to money laundering and ID-theft-related tax refund scams, while Hillsborough deputies warned of yet another local phone scam in which someone calling himself, no shit, "Major Livingston" tries to extort money from residents in exchange for quashing a fake warrant. But listen, if you Paypal me just $50, I'll make sure you're never bothered by phone or online scams again — I swear on the honor of my father, grand vizier of Atlantis.

And finally, the Florida state Senate just barely managed to do something by just barely managing to approve a new map of 40 districts that might replace the old super-gerrymander-y one. Gaetz called Latvala a bully, and a couple of 'em cried, and these are the people you chose to run the state. Humanity: We just sort of got this far by accident, I guess.

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