Sh*t Happened 10/16/17: Brady still missing, Bushnell hotel owner terrifying, sports good and bad

The best and worst in weekend news.

click to enlarge Sh*t Happened 10/16/17: Brady still missing, Bushnell hotel owner terrifying, sports good and bad

Welcome to another week. Hey, after today, there are only two more Mondays before Halloween!


A woman driving in Lakeland who saw a stuffed giraffe fall out of a van stopped and scooped the critter up, and is trying to reunite it with the kid who lost it. Humanity: sometimes not completely depressing.

Another interesting story broke Friday, this one about a Bushnell hotel owner with a record of sexual battery who was allegedly found crawling on the floor of one of his hotel rooms when the people in bed in the room woke up. And we're back. Sleep tight.

California passed a law requiring all pet stores to only sell dogs, cats and rabbits from shelters and rescue operations. "What am I going to do with this litter of purebred Australian shepherds?" asked a puppy mill owner who was actually looking at a bunch of black lab-pit bull mixes covered in ringworm.


Speaking of dogs, the couple whose boxer-hound mix bolted from the tarmac after getting out of his crate at Tampa International Airport last week returned from Bermuda to help search for him, and have a lot of questions for the airport and airline. Apparently he'd bloodied himself chewing the crate's gate open, and has been spotted twice not far from TIA — if you're in the Drew Park area please keep your eyes peeled, I'd be a basket case if my dog was missing for five days.


The Tampa Bay Lightning celebrated its 25th anniversary at its original home in the Florida State Fairgrounds' Expo Hall the day after the current team beat the Blues 2-1. Can you believe we've had hockey, in Tampa, Florida, for a quarter of a century? And do you remember how freaking loud it was in there? 

And finally, the Bucs lost to the Cardinals 38-33 on the road, in a game that saw quarterback Jameis Winston leave with a shoulder injury. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly sportswriters can go from "looking better than we have in years for what promises to be an exciting comeback season" to "these men are terrible and should be beaten in public for their incompetence."  

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