Sh*t happened 10/21/16: St. Pete Pier demo done, concert promoter under fire, Manatee the drug death capital of the state

Friday: The official weekday of Canadian '80s crossover pop-rock sensation Loverboy. Let's bandana it up.

The last remaining pieces of the St. Pete Pier were hauled off by the demolition crew, more than a year after the process of tearing down the inverted pyramid began. And the eBay sale of memorial chunks of concrete piling starts in 3, 2, 1...

A mini "crime spree" in the Lakeland area showed that some folks still aren't locking their vehicles. Look, no law-abiding citizen deserves to be burglarized. But no law-abiding citizen is entitled to being surprised when some asshole kid exploits the fact that they've done an unarguably stupid thing, either. Sorry, folks. It's mostly a lock-yer-doors world these days.

Bay area concert promoter Phoenix Productions is pissing off local music fans in the wake of a couple of national shows being canceled at the last minute, with no ticket refunds immediately available. How dare they sully the traditionally flawless reputation of the concert-promotion industry.

And finally and tragically, Manatee County has become the drug death capital of the state due to its high number of heroin- and fentanyl-related fatalities. The correct answer to "what do you do when there's nothing do do?" should never be "heroin," but the bigger problem might be that too often, the answer to "what do we do with all these opioid addicts now that we've choked off their easy access to pills?" seems to be "fuck 'em."

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