Sh*t Happened 10/6/16: Bald eagle injured while eating roadkill obviously metaphor of some sort

Happy Hurricane Matthew Landfall Day! You know there are, like, a dozen really stoned dudes with surfboards on the other side of the state who actually think what they're planning is a good idea. (HINT: It's not.)

A month before a referendum on a state constitutional amendment on medical marijuana comes up as part of the general election, the Hillsborough County Commission has placed a moratorium on new permits for dispensaries. Your Gammy's been in pain for years; she can deal with it a little longer while they figure out what hours they're gonna tell such facilities they can be open.

Hudson Elementary School in Pasco was locked down for a time while cops searched nearby for a suspect who'd escaped custody. I can't figure out if the fact that this doesn't happen every day means the crime rate up there is lower than the news would have me believe, or that there just aren't enough schools in Pasco and they're really far apart.

And finally, Clearwater cops and emergency responders rescued a bald eagle that was found injured in the middle of Countryside Boulevard. They speculate that the majestic bird alighted to eat some roadkill, and was clipped by a passing car. They're calling this speculation "America, pretty much."

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