Sh*t Happened 11/16/16: Rick Scott eyeballs Senate run, kids get new homes on National Adoption Day, stoned lady freaks

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If any of this offends, don't mind us. We're, um... how do you say it? Over-Nyquil'ed?

Florida Governor Rick Scott is reportedly considering a run for Bill Nelson's U.S. Senate seat in 2018. So he can help the environment, not so he can retrieve The Ancient Gem of Arzenaan to complete the time-hole ritual and summon the Dark Army of Shiheelezorth. Not so he can do that, at all.

Nineteen Hillsborough County families celebrated National Adoption Day by making kids new members of their families. This is very, extremely super-cool, even if the idea of a National Adoption Day kind of makes me wonder a little if it happened in front of an RV in a park somewhere, and they waived the usual fees and gave a discount on minor medical necessities. They didn't do that, did they? I don't really think they did. Seriously, nice going, 19 Hillsborough families. 

And finally, an assistant principal for a Pasco County high school has been arrested and put on administrative leave for "overdosing" on pot cookies after showing up at an area hospital. Quit making the edibles so potent, people. And I don't care if you don't feel anything after 45 minutes, do not under any circumstances eat another one. And if you do: Napflix.

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