Sh*t Happened 11/21/16: Hamilton team tempts Trump tantrum, alliteration in headlines cool again

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Welcome to the longest short week of the year.


A sewage pipe failure in Hillsborough County spilled some 200,000 gallons of raw wastewater into Town 'N' Country's Rocky Creek. St. Pete asked if that was all.

A Palm Harbor oncologist was convicted of buying and administering counterfeit chemotherapy drugs. So listen, whenever you feel like you're not doing enough to change the world for the better, just remember there are people out there whose consciences allow them to buy and administer counterfeit chemotherapy drugs. You're doing pretty OK.


A woman was accidentally shot in the head outside a gun show in North Carolina. If toasters accidentally killed one-tenth as many people as guns we'd all be eating cold spongy bread every morning and saying it was for the greater good.

Donald Trump took to his favorite social network to demand that the cast of the absurdly hip Hamilton apologize to soon-to-be vice president (and noted hater of the gays) Mike Pence for calling him out when he attended a performance on Friday. The president-elect of the United States doesn't understand how freedom works. Marvelous.


The Bucs beat the Chiefs. There, I hope you're happy — you made me look at a sportsball thing again.

And finally, the American Music Awards insisted on continuing to be a thing, Read the list of winners and try to tell me it's not the Muzak that plays in the room where you wait to apply for entrance to Purgatory.

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