Sh*t Happened 1/12/17: Cross-Bay Ferry ridership stats, Hillsborough PTC head in hotter water, Aldi is hiring and also very cool

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So what happened yesterday? You mean, aside from a spray-tanned goblin's taint bringing the business of a nation to a standstill with its incoherent yammering and Taco Bell unleashing a chalupa shell made of fried chicken? Well, let's see what else we can find...

Hot on the heels of that Sarasota couple accused of embezzling from their church, a former Polk County school administrator was arrested for allegedly stealing more than $100K from the charter school company where she worked. Meanwhile, a guy in my office stabbed a co-worker over the last pad of Post-Its, and it was one of those colors that's too dark to see writing on anyway.

The Cross-Bay Ferry pilot program's December ridership stats are drawing mixed reactions — try not to be shocked, but the folks in favor of the program say they're good enough, and the folks opposed to it say they're not. Basically, ridership was up in December over November, the ferry is recouping a little less than half its operating costs, and Dan Liedtke is still a Ferry Grumpus trying to make political hay out of a relatively inexpensive civic initiative that's actually providing valuable real-world information about the present and future of Bay area transit.

Embattled Hillsborough County Public Transportation Commission head Kyle Cockream is in trouble for maybe deleting emails from his phone in the midst of an FDLE investigation. Maybe he was just uninstalling the Uber and Lyft apps before anybody noticed they were on there...

And finally, my wife's favorite bargain sometimes-organic grocery store, Aldi, is holding hiring fairs throughout the Bay area. Just don't expect each fair to be offering the same stuff, or for the stuff to be in the same place each time you go. (My Aldi fans know what I'm talkin' about, amirite?)

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