Sh*t Happened 11/24/16: Stuff The Bus crushes it for the hungry, Two Men and A Grand Theft Charge

Happy Thanksgiving! Hug your friends and family, watch the game, eat way too much, and don't, under any circumstances, talk about, uh, you know.

The Volunteer Way Food Pantry's "Stuff The Bus" program yielded more than 10,000 pounds of food last week to help Pasco County's less fortunate. Mucho huzzahs and raised glasses to those who contributed — a lot of kids who otherwise weren't going to have a Thanksgiving this year (or eat healthily at all in the near future, really) are gonna get their bellies stuffed. And just a reminder: This is usually the season when more people than ever volunteer to help feed others, and as a result some charitable organizations get more volunteers than they need or can handle. If your favorite thanks you kindly but doesn't really have a place for you today, this week or as Christmas nears, consider making a commitment today to check back and see if you can lend a hand exactly six months from now, when volunteers are still needed but the holiday spirit of giving isn't foremost in everybody's mind.

Now back to the kind of stuff we more regularly spotlight here at Sh*t Happened:

Two men from moving company Two Men and a Truck were arrested for moving $75K worth of jewelry away from the possession of its rightful owner. Wonder what their getaway vehicle was. The men reportedly pawned the jewelry for a grand total of $362. Who says crime doesn't pay? It does. Crime pays minus 74,638 dollars. Also, there might not be anything dumber than a crime in which somebody gives you their stuff to take from one place to another, then they meet you at the new place, and you're like, "nope. No stuff. Not sure what happened, but we're stuffless."

Tampa cops shut down traffic at the intersection of MLK Boulevard and Habana Avenue after a report of a suspicious package. The suspicious package in question turned out to be "utility monitoring device," which really kind of sounds like the sort of thing that, maybe if you saw it you wouldn't know what it was, but would notice that it looked like it was on the up-and-up? Like, not resembling a suitcase or a box propped up by a stick with a string tied to it that ran into nearby bushes? Whatever, everybody's safe.

And finally, a personal note: I'm thankful that I have a job in which I get to share with the community, and hopefully in the process make some of life's stupid, absurd or just plain bad things a little easier to handle. I know it makes them easier to handle for me. And I know it wouldn't be possible without readers. So thank you, thank you, thank you, CL readers. 

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