Sh*t Happened 11/3/17: Trump's Twitter feed briefly silenced, porch pirate jugged, Home Depot customer apparently deeply dissatisfied

The Thursday round-up.

Good morning! Happy National Sandwich Day. And since yesterday was National Men Make Dinner Day, we're assuming you've got leftover sandwiches. (Ha! A gender stereotype joke! It's like we're living in the Stranger Things era again!)

Dear Twitter employee who briefly disabled President Donald Trump's Twitter account as you were headed out the door on your last day, you were the hero America needed yesterday. We would be happy if from now on, National Make Men Dinner Day was also National Act of Workplace Defiance Day. We also hope you read this before the black hood goes on and you wake up in a newly retrofitted gulag.

The city of St. Pete, Hillsborough County Commissioner Pat Kemp, the Suncoast Sierra Club and HART were among the recipients of a Green Award from the U.S. Green Building Council's regional chapter for working toward building a more sustainable community. Insert well-meaning punchline about the color of envy here. Congratulations all around.

Some dude drove his pickup through the front doors of a Tampa Palms Home Depot. We're all very aware that only one out of any seven Home Depot employees knows where the work gloves are, but this still seems a little excessive.

And finally, Polk County cops arrested an alleged serial "porch pirate." You know, people love pirates. Yes, the mainstream press needs a cool handle to put on things, but everybody wants to be a pirate — perhaps fewer citizens would be tempted to snatch packages off of front porches if every news story called them "cowardly thieving assholes" instead.

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