Sh*t Happened 12/14/16: Trunye, liquor sales in gas stations, suspicious objects in Sarasota non-explodey

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trump monitor - Joeff Davis
Joeff Davis
trump monitor

So Trunye happened yesterday. A lot of people made jokes about them killing one another had they spent another 10 seconds together, but I tend to think two men that skilled at blocking out everything but their own, incessantly yammering divine flow of megalithic inanity would get along fine forever, so long as somebody scraped the accumulating residue of unearned self-importance from the AC filter every once in a while.

Closer to home, Florida lawmakers introduced a state bill that would legalize the sale of liquor at grocery stores and gas stations. "It'll make it so much more convenient," said somebody for whom not even having to completely leave the grocery store in order to enter the liquor store next to it apparently takes too much effort.

Cops and a hazmat team were called out to a Sarasota apartment complex for suspicious objects, which turned out to be bottles and other assorted garbage. Those hoping for a Bay area hand grenade trifecta weren't exactly blown away, and I won't even point out what I did there, because you can see what I did there, can't you?

And finally, USF is paying its new coach Charlie Strong $9.8 million over five years to coach a fucking college football team. The world is a bad poem written by a petulant teenager sent upstairs without his gold-plated dinner.

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