Sh*t Happened 12/19/17: Tampa sex workers oppose bathhouse ordinance, lawyer's prison porn scheme bold, dumb

Also, find out how many dead cats in the freezer is too many.

click to enlarge Advocates fear human trafficking victims will be caught in the middle. -
Advocates fear human trafficking victims will be caught in the middle.

Not so much for driving in the fog, are we, Tampa Bay? Hopefully you're reading this at home while waiting for it to burn off.

A Tampa attorney was arrested after allegedly filming sex acts with a female Pinellas County inmate in a private room at the jail, as well as exposing himself to and propositioning another inmate, telling her he'd pay her and that it was an opportunity to be in a DIY porn film called Girls In Jail. Perhaps the film is aimed at an audience with a fetish for medical abnormalities, because this guy's gotta have giant testicles and significantly suppressed brainwave activity.

Will a proposed ordinance aimed at cracking down on massage spa prostitution help fight human trafficking, or hurt the women victims forced into the trade? It's a complex issue with advocates on either side, just like it's been for as long as sex work has been criminalized in society. Why can't we arrest the men who actually engage in human trafficking while leaving women who are fine with giving handjobs for money alone? A combination of institutional misogyny and moral hypocrisy, most likely.

PSA: "It just got out of hand" is not nearly thorough enough an explanation for having 60 dead cats in your freezer. ("Our yard is already full of other, buried dead cats" doesn't exactly clear it up, either.) For future reference, the universally accepted limits for number and duration of dead cats in the freezer are one dead cat, and until your very next paycheck.

And finally, not exactly yesterday's news, but the 45th president of the United States, Donald Trump, makes his debut at Disney's Hall of Presidents today. "Disney says the new animatronic of Trump will have smoother, more lifelike movements" — we're assuming they mean "than the actual guy."

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