Sh*t Happened 12/6/16: St. Pete's Sewagegate deepens, Pulse nightclub sale off, more

KRS-One coined the term "edutainment;" Sh*t happened is more in the "informalarity" vein.

The folks in charge of St. Pete continue to carry the metaphorical stink of the very literal sewage they dumped into the bay. Hot on the heels of a threatened $800K fine by the FDEP, the Tampa Bay Times slammed Mayor Rick Kriseman for spending money on a PR flack to spin the problem, and three environmental groups are now suing the city over the discharge. And the mutants haven't even started emerging from the deep to feast on our lungs yet. You know what's tough to spin? Mutants emerging from the deep to feast on our lungs.

The Tampa City Council is considering doing away with the decibel measurement portion of its noise ordinance, and leaving it up to officers' discretion whether or not a place or activity is in violation. Cops love Slayer, right?

The owner of Orlando's Pulse nightclub has decided not to sell the property to the city, and will personally take on the commission's plans to create a permanent memorial to the 49 patrons killed there in June. There's some he-said, she-said going on in the wake of the deal's cancellation, but the owner says she just had a change of heart. Time — and whether or not some ghoul starts charging $50 for poorly made "Never Forget" T-shirts on-site, I guess — will tell.

And finally, a Sarasota County woman was arrested for OD'ing on heroin in a convenience store bathroom with her 4-year-old kid present. Because sometimes nearly killing yourself and just totally ruining another human being who never had a chance can't wait until you get home.

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