Sh*t Happened 1/31/18: Under the spell of the Super Blue Blood Moon, or something

The scampi reference comes at the end.

click to enlarge Sh*t Happened 1/31/18: Under the spell of the Super Blue Blood Moon, or something

Welcome to Wednesday. How was your Super Big Blue Blood Moon? (Man, Denny's has gotten weird since they started crushing it on Twitter.)

Well, we almost made it a week between instances of a kid bringing a gun to or making a threat in or against a school in the region. Yesterday's incident involved a Sarasota high school and a social media post. Hey parents, are you used to this yet? Are you terrified that you might get used to it? The National Rifle Association is located at 11249 Waples Mill Road, Fairfax, Virginia, just outside D.C. Feel free to voice your concerns in person.

Sometimes when you deal meth, you both literally and figuratively shoot yourself in the foot.

Also, don't talk to Florida Man until he's had his coffee. That he made in your garage that he broke into.

Also also, St. Pete cops are looking for a thief who broke into a post office mailbox and made off with a lot of checks and correspondence. Tell me again about how internet banking is treacherous in ways never before imagin— oh, look, that guy's robbing a stagecoach.

And finally, how about some good news? Here's a twofer: Many cheers to both the Clearwater police officer who saved a man from choking to death in a Chick-fil-A yesterday and the Palm Harbor resident who's stepping out of retirement to coach the American team in this year's World University Football Championship. Let their good deeds be the inspiration that guides you through a satisfying and productive day, and keep you from murdering Chip for putting shrimp scampi in the office microwave again. 

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