Sh*t happened 2/9/16: Chihuly heist, Competitive Workforce Act, Tampa tourism soars

Welcome to Tuesday, a day of the week whose popularity has soared in recent years due to its sharing of the hard "T" alliterative sound with a certain Mexican staple food.

A custodian at downtown St. Pete's Chihuly Collection discovered that one of the glass artist's pieces was missing. The piece, an 8" x 6" hunk of shaped and colored glass worth $25K because humans are inexplicable, was probably stolen on Sunday; police are on the lookout for an inordinately feisty grandmother of dubious aesthetic tastes.

The Florida Competitive Workforce Act, an anti-discrimination bill aimed at protecting the rights of LGBT citizens — one that has been floating around the state legislature, in one form or another, for a decade — nearly died in committee yesterday after a tie vote, but will be revisited today. If you're even arguing over whether some humans deserve the same legal protections as other humans, you're gross and should maybe consider a career switch from politician to professional superstitious hatemonger. There's money in that shit, too.

And finally, Hillsborough County is performing better than its competitors in tourism (chosen, one can only assume, using various relative factors — it's not going up against, say, Bondi Beach) in several benchmark areas, and is up from last year, too. Looking at the list of example competitors included in the story, it's easy to see why; none of the other cities mentioned has ocean access, a Busch Gardens, a Mons Venus and a fashion culture that runs mainly on black circulatory socks jammed into Birkenstock knock-offs.

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