Sh*t Happened 2/10/17: RIP Airstream Ranch, liquor law advances, trusting couple swindled

*Does the Friday Dance*

Surely you've driven by "Airstream Ranch," that weird and wonderful installation along I-4 featuring eight RV trailers sticking up out of the ground? Yeah, you won't anymore — it's been torn down to make way for, of all things, an Airstream dealership. The center, it does not hold.

A Florida Senate panel approved a bill making it legal to sell hard liquor in grocery stores. The legislation now moves forward to a full Senate vote, but seriously, you can't just open up the handle of Jim Beam like it's a freakin' box of Ritz Bits and swig on it while you're shopping.

A St. Pete couple was ripped off when they tried to buy a bulldog puppy from a company in Miami on Facebook. There's nothing in that sentence that inspires confidence in the human race. Every word is a dagger, and no one should have to tell anyone that paying $600 up front to order a dog on Facebook is. Beyond. Stupid.

And finally, check out this video of a man confronting a woman after he sees her leaving her child alone in the car while she runs into a convenience store. Which begs an important question: How long is it OK to leave your child unattended in a car with no air conditioning? The answer, of course, is none. None time. Partially because it's irresponsible, and partially because some guy might put an iPhone in your face and then the world will think you're an asshole.

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