Sh*t happened 3/17/16: Scott endorses Trump, St. Pete joyriders and dumpster fires

Life imitates, well, not art really, but definitely that cartoon where they formed the League of Doom.

Florida governor and futuristic posthuman exercise in amorality Rick Scott has endorsed Donald Trump for president. So apparently that's what you get the man that already has everything except for one thing, and is pretty close to probably getting that one thing, too — sycophancy.

St. Pete cops are looking for a man who set multiple fires in a small area north of downtown. Most of the fires were reportedly started in dumpsters. I know we're a hip town and all, but remember, FIRES ARE NOT ART. There will be no walking dumpster fire tour of greater Woodlawn. Seek help.

And finally, three dumb St. Pete teens were arrested after hitting a police cruiser while driving a stolen car. First sign you're getting older: You start to sometimes sort of maybe, not feel OK with the idea, but kind of see why somebody else might see the upside of cutting the hands off of teenage car thieves.


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