Sh*t happened 3/8/16: Howard Frankland pileup, state budget reached, Pasco rebranding U.S. 19

Happy International Women's Day! Celebrate with respect and tacos. Now, the bad news.

Well, we now know who to thank for the 10-car wreck that shut down eastbound Howard Frankland for hours yesterday morning: a 62-year-old man who was seen traveling at a high rate of speed and switching lanes repeatedly, and had a blow-out while passing someone on the right shoulder. *Picks up phone and books a little time in a rage room, then goes outside to watch the squirrels and just be away from humans for a bit*

The Florida legislature reached a deal for a state budget last night, just barely making the deadline which says a deal must be reached 72 hours before the legislative session ends on Friday. Because that's how you want your state spending decided: By a bunch of sleep-deprived guys who are under the gun and just want to go home before they start punching each other.

Pasco County
is holding a contest to rename the stretch of U.S. Highway 19 — known as one of the most dangerous roads in North America for pedestrians and drivers — that passes through it. I was thinking of something evocative but tough and edgy. The Gauntlet? The Stucco Canyon Run? Dead Man's Really Straight Stretch of Road? (These are probably not what they're looking for.)

And finally, that Florida Libertarian Senate candidate who claimed to have walked to the desert, sacrificed a goat and drank its blood was recently denied entry to Canada for a "speaking engagement," officially because of his alleged ties to fascist/Nazi groups but really because c'mon, it's this dude and they were gonna find a reason, and it's tough to fault that logic.

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