Sh*t happened 3/9/16: Tampa top Spring Break destination, Florida top place to get hit by a car

And what rough beast, its hour come round at last, slouches towards Bethlehem to be born? Oh, it's just another weekend, and it's still three days away. Together, we'll get there.

According to data compiled by travel site Oyster, the Tampa Bay area is among U.S. travelers' top 10 Spring Break destinations. Oyster's data seems to indicate people like the facts that the region is suitable for all sorts of vacationers, and a hell of a lot cheaper than Austin or Cabo. Tampa Bay: America's affordable weeklong fling.

in the other kind of report, Florida had the second highest number of pedestrian deaths in the country for the first half of 2015, up an estimated 10 percent. On the one hand, all of the top states on the list are heavily populated, with a high percentage of commuters and, in some cases, better-than-average climate, so a somewhat higher pedestrian casualty rate is, unfortunately, to be expected. On the other hand, fucking pay attention, people. It ain't neurosurgery. Jesus.

A nearby shooting caused four Lakeland schools to be put on lockdown while police searched for the suspect, who at last report was still at large. Say, when you were a kid, was your school ever locked down because there was an "active shooter" nearby? No? Yeah, well, that shit happens at our kids' schools all the time.

And finally, that lawsuit between Hulk Hogan and Gawker over the latter posting the former's gross sex tape is getting its day(s) in court in St. Pete this week. Yesterday, Hogan testified that finding out the video had been released made him sick — yeah, well, no shit, you and everybody else, Hulk. If you're not totally finished with humanity, you can find a link to a livestream here.

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