Sh*t Happened 4/21/17: Clearwater buys that lot Scientology wanted, Polk heroin bust, Tampa cops want you to register your security cameras

Will the last one out this evening please remember to turn off the week? Thanks.

The Clearwater City Council approved the city's purchase of a downtown lot owned by the Clearwater Marine Aquarium for $4.265 million in a deal that sees the aquarium making much less money than it would if it sold to the Church of Scientology, which offered $15 million. Some say it's a good move to keep the church from owning even more of the city, while others think the CMA should've taken the big check to avoid coming to the city (and, by extension, the public) for more financial help down the road. Still others admitted they didn't know enough about urban real estate development law or council protocols to have an informed opinion. Oh, wait, nobody at all said that.

A three-month undercover heroin trafficking investigation in Polk County led to 17 arrests. Sheriff Grady Judd is using the operation's success as a platform to advocate for tougher laws against dealers who cut heroin with deadly Fentanyl; the only surprise there is that he's not pushing for something like dipping offenders in honey barbecue sauce, staking them over fire ant colonies and putting the whole thing on Pay Per View.

And finally, Tampa cops want private citizens and business to register their outside security cameras with the police, so they'll know who in the vicinity of any given crime might have video of the perpetrators. Would a "they're calling it Operation Don't Do Police Brutality On These Blocks" joke be inappropriate and overly paranoid here? It would, wouldn't it? I think it would.

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