Sh*t Happened 4/24/17: Gas expensive, Walmart gross, Earth Day smart, fire destructive

Good morning, how was your weekend? If you'd like to hear serial creeper and fired guy Bill O'Reilly rant about how he's a victim and white privilege doesn't exist while probably and ironically saying creepy, borderline-racist things at the same time, he's releasing a podcast episode tonight that's only available to premium members of his personal website. Oh good, this is the part where people over 50 find out what a podcast is.


Florida gas prices hit their highest point in nearly 2 years at just under $2.50 a gallon. When you get stuck in gridlock on the Howard Frankland this week (and you will), turn down your radio and you can actually hear your money being wasted.

A Largo Walmart was evacuated briefly due to a potential hazmat situation. One more serious than the usual default edge-of-hazmat situation many Walmarts operate under daily, one assumes.


Thousands celebrated Earth Day by participating in March for Science events around the country, including here in the Bay area. While some critics derided the displays as basically being anti-Trump rallies, participants pointed out that they're against anti-intellectual dipshittery in general rather than any one anti-intellectual dipshit in particular.

A 36-year-old Tampa woman's weekend went from "bad" to "jail" when, after being pulled from a car that caught fire when she wrecked it, she was immediately arrested for DUI. Stupid cops, always trying to keep you from killing strangers with your lethally irresponsible behavior.


And finally, a blaze that engulfed hundreds of acres and forced an evacuation of Polk County's Indian Lake Estates was finally brought under control after raging all weekend. Looks like we're finally getting that comparison to California our legislators have wanted for so long...

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