Sh*t Happened 4/26/17: Scientology lodges complaint against Clearwater Marine Aquarium, tampon tax in question, famous circle-driver to give that up

Did you know April 26 is National Golf Day, National Pretzel Day, National Help A Horse Day AND National Richter Scale Day? Of course you didn't. I'd be terrified if you did. But this is actually about yesterday — which was National Zucchini Bread Day, National Hug A Plumber Day and National DNA Day. It's astonishing what we do with our time here, isn't it?

Just a few days after losing a bid to buy a downtown parking lot owned by the Clearwater Marine Aquarium that went to the city instead, the Church of Scientology has tried to block the CMA's tourism funding with a complaint that alleges inflated impact claims and financial mismanagement. The CMA is calling the complaint retaliatory harassment; we're not saying that's true, but the timing could be seen as suspect. Also, the words "Scientology," "legal action" and "campaign to discredit" seem to show up in close proximity to one another only slightly less often than "happy" and "hour," or "kids" and "eat" and "free."

Meanwhile, up in Tallahassee, it seems that legislators are finally coming around to the idea of doing away with sales tax for tampons and other products a woman needs when she reaches the point in her menstrual cycle where her body sheds the lining of its uterine wall, and if you think that's weird or gross or offensive you need to grow up and not act like a 12-year-old, OK? If we bled out of our urethras every month as a matter of course there'd be a reality-TV competition series based on it. And it would be called Blood Sport.

And finally, beloved fast-driving corner-taker Dale Earnhardt, Jr. announced he'll be retiring at the end of this season. People with really interesting ideas about the definitions of sports and celebrity are super, super bummed. Like, crying in the streets and trying to figure out how to lower an "88" sticker to half-sticker bummed. 

Image by Kaldari via Wikimedia Commons/Creative Commons license.

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