Sh*t Happened 4/4/18: Rubio called out for gun hypocrisy, Stranger Things coming to Universal Orlando

And seriously, what's up with Volusia County?

Let a knowledge of history be your path to a better future, etc., etc.

An AP story broke locally yesterday about the hypocrisy of one Marco Rubio, who, having said on national television after Parkland that 18-year-olds should not be able to buy rifles, has been trying to get the gun-buying age in Washington, D.C. lowered from 21 to 18 for years. I'm editorializing here, but I wouldn't be surprised if Marco Rubio turned out to be Charlton Heston's corpse done up in a suit and some Hollywood makeup and manipulated Weekend At Bernie's-style by an NRA lobbyist and some anonymous North Florida militia guy we can't see because he's dressed in camouflage.

A collections agency that does business with Pinellas County erroneously sent a collection notice to hundreds of people who don't actually owe the court any money for overdue tickets and the like, telling them their license may have been suspended and generally confusing and frightening the bejesus out of folks. That's... not how you county. That is improper countying.

Hey, just for fun, let's check in on Volusia County, just over there on the other side of Orlando. OK, let's see — a woman stabbed her Burger King co-worker in the parking lot over a suspected love triangle, and a 17-year-old was arrested for biting the head off a live chicken after a farm-to-table dining event at his school. On second thought, let's just back slowly away from Volusia County, smiling and nodding, and leave it to its own devices, shall we?

And finally, Universal Orlando announced that one of its Halloween Horror Nights houses this year will be based on the beloved Netflix series Stranger Things, which, while wonderful and heartfelt and nostalgic and occasionally suspenseful, is really about as scary as a middle-of-the-road episode of The X-Files. This does not matter; whatever insane sum of money they paid Netflix will have been worth it come November, because cool/cultural zeitgeist/brand recognition. Well played, Universal.

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