Sh*t Happened 5/18/17: Hillsborough anti-puppy mill ordinance, courthouse scare, RIP Chris Cornell

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click to enlarge Sh*t Happened 5/18/17: Hillsborough anti-puppy mill ordinance, courthouse scare, RIP Chris Cornell
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Good morning! Did our commander-in-chief really say that no politician has ever been treated as poorly as he has? Huh. One suspects those hundreds of politicians around the world who have been imprisoned or had their brains blown through the backs of their heads might disagree.

Hillsborough County commissioners passed an anti-puppy mill ordinance that still allows area pet stores to sell animals from breeders that maintain certain standards. Animal rights activists say the new rules don't go far enough, which is weird because animal rights activists are so famously non-strident and open to compromise.

Speaking of Hillsborough, the County Courthouse Annex was evacuated and emergency responders were called after a piece of mail delivered to an office was found to have an unknown powdery substance inside. The substance was determined to be non-toxic, and has been taken down the street and into the ladies' room at The Hub for further testing.

Coyote sightings and attacks on house pets are on the rise as fires push the animals out of the scrub and into more populated areas. Send in the bears!

And finally, Chris Cornell, lead singer of iconic grunge band Soundgarden and post-grunge also-ran Audioslave, died last night in Detroit at the age of 52; his death is being investigated as a suicide. Cornell possessed a singular voice that rode the line between classic-rock melody and angsty post-punk howl, and Soundgarden inspired a legion of dark, throbbing, complex-yet-catchy musical projects (including this writer's first, fumbling steps toward creating "original" music). The idea that Cornell and the group will no longer show up as the single worthwhile act on some midwestern hard-rock festival or touring package of aging FM-radio regulars is a depressing one indeed.

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