Sh*t happened 5/26/16: Military maneuvers in Tampa, Gawker appeal denied, Floridians Google dumb stuff

Welcome to Thursday, standing between you and Friday like that opening act that had that one song you liked five summers ago, but won't play it because they've got a crappy new album to flog.

Special forces troops from various branches of the military descended upon downtown Tampa and Harbour Island for some urban terrorism combat drills. Or, you know, to provide a not-so-subtle reminder of authority — sort of the Armed Forces' version of a peacock's plumage, or an unexpected dick pick. Speaking of pics, if anybody caught any of the exercises, tag us! We love vulgar displays of power.

Real estate site and unsolicited-infographic provider Estately provided another unsolicited graphic, this one showing what questions have been Googled most in U.S. states. Take a look, and weep for humanity. Among Florida's highlights: "Is adultery legal?" "What is quantum physics?" "Is magic real?" And, of course, "Where is Israel?"

And finally, a St. Pete judge denied Gawker's request for a new trial in the Hulk Hogan suit, and upheld the potentially business-ending $140 million judgment against the media company — despite the fact that it just came to light that the suit was bankrolled by a single wealthy startup investor, and may have been a wholly personal vendetta. There's something about the image of rich dickbags basically having a snowball fight with banded stacks of cash that makes one want to just float away from it all down the Mississippi on a raft Huck Finn-style, isn't there?

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