Sh*t happened 6/23/15: Obama's N-bomb, SC's rebel flag, Hillsborough schools

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Yesterday was heavy on national news, so let's tackle some of that right up front, shall we?

So the leader of the free world said "the 'n' word" during his interview on comedian/walking psychiatric test case Marc Maron's popular podcast WTF, and the part of the free world that knows about CNN, Fox News and Twitter immediately proved his point about the nation's focus on superficialities regarding race relations. Racists! The only thing they hate more than minorities is being accused of racism.

South Carolina Governor Nikki Hayley called upon state legislators to finally remove the Confederate flag from the grounds of the state's capital once and for all. The part of the free world still pissed that abolition wrecked the South's agricultural economy is ... always gonna be bitter and blame-y about something, in all honesty, so who cares?

NBC cancelled cult-beloved, arty and stylishly graphic series Hannibal. The part of the free world familiar with the words "Tumblr" and "fandoms" is speechless, and must resort to expressing its collective emotional reactions through a series of images of short looping animations, for once.

In local news, the final phase of the Courtney Campbell Trail opened, giving Bay area residents one more awesome thing to tell themselves they've gotta remember to take advantage of while stuck in traffic, only to forget immediately upon reaching the place where the couch is.

A Tampa man drowned a pet rabbit in a hotel pool. Wouldn't it be a humiliating shame, hypothetically speaking, if some folks wearing adult-sized Easter Bunny costumes assaulted him in a public place? A shame, indeed. Hypothetically speaking, of course.

And finally, a survey of Hillsborough County public school students and their parents reveals that a high percentage of middle- and high-school students don't feel their classmates respect one another, while a high percentage of parents believe their kids attend excellent facilities. So basically the ones that really just want to be home by themselves think things suck, while the ones that just want their kids to be well socialized out of the house think things are just fine. It's got a certain tragic symmetry to it, don't you think?

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