Sh*t happened 6/20/16: Rays Pride Night sells out, Gun safety instructor shot, Orlando vigil draws 50K

Welcome to a great Recovery Monday, in a much more substantial sense of the word than our usual hangover.


In the wake of the Pulse shootings, the Tampa Bay Rays' annual Pride Night game turned into a massive show of solidarity and support, selling out, raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for the victims. "That's really inspiring," said the San Francisco Giants, who were inspired to destroy the Rays, and go on doing it all weekend.

In American animal-attack news oddly not centered on Florida, a Colorado woman was able to save her son from a mountain lion attack by physically pulling the kid from the big cat's jaws. Anyone who doesn't think this is amazing has never had their ass authoritatively handed to them by a mildly irritated 8-pound house cat.


An Ohio gun shop owner was fatally shot in the neck while teaching a concealed carry permit class in what experts are calling the most American news story ever.


New Port Richey removed nearly half of its red light cameras; apparently they worked so well, they're no longer making money for the city. Finally, a case in which fear is actually bad for the economy...

And finally, the weekend ended in much the way it started: with a massive gesture of love and support. An estimated 50,000 people attended a vigil in Orlando one week after the shootings at Pulse, celebrating the lives that were lost, comforting one another and showing the world that love can never, ever be broken by terror. 

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