Sh*t Happened 6/23/17: Malpractice cap unconstitutional, Outside loves St. Pete, dad does dad thing

Yesterday: It's just tomorrow's two days ago.

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click to enlarge Sh*t Happened 6/23/17: Malpractice cap unconstitutional, Outside loves St. Pete, dad does dad thing

It's Friday, or should we say Prideday? We shouldn't. It's a terrible pun, and also technically not true — the Pride fun is only just beginning. But we will tell you it looks like it's gonna be a beautiful gateway to the weekend, so read this, make a lot of noise shuffling papers and clicking keys until lunch, and then we'll see you out loving one another and celebrating equality on the streets of our kick-ass community.

The Florida Supreme Court struck down as unconstitutional a 2003 law capping medical malpractice lawsuit awards. This should be of great comfort to those of us who, thanks to the current Congress, may be having our complex and dicey medical procedures done at Dr. Shaky Dave's SurgiPorium and Reconditioned Mattress Warehouse in the years to come.

So Outside magazine named St. Petersburg one of its top 25 American towns of 2017, chiefly due to our excellent stand-up paddleboarding, or whatever, because Outside. Thanks, but maybe run a photo of something actually in St. Pete, rather than Clearwater's Pier 60? (I am aware of the irony of bitching about this in a column that often relies on stock photography.)

Another list the Tampa Bay area made? The one concerning communities most vulnerable to sea-level rise spurred by climate change. This information is straight out of No Shit Sherlock Quarterly.

And finally, A Lake Wales teacher was arrested after using GPS to track his 14-year-old daughter to a 17-year-old boy's house, busting in and allegedly putting the kid in a chokehold and threatening his life. Any legal fines the dad may incur as a result of his admittedly rash behavior will likely be offset by his not having to buy himself a beer for the rest of his life.

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