Sh*t happened 6/24/16: Britain brotes to brexit, Joe Redner reenters politics, more

Things. They happen! Sometimes things you knew were gonna happen happen differently than you expected; sometimes things happen that you hadn't even considered happening in the first place. Here are some happenings that might've happened in one of those ways.

So, OK, holy wow, Britain voted to leave the European Union, surprising a whole lot of people, including the country's own prime minister, who announced he will step down to make room for a leader fully in support of the will of the nation. You might be tempted to view this as the xenophobic, reactionary backpedalling of a populace unwilling or unable to adapt to a chaotic geopolitical landscape in which national boundaries are quickly ceasing to matter in the way they have for hundreds or thousands of years, a disappointing, damaging and ultimately pointless attempt to return to a long-obsolete playbook; we might then be tempted to go, "Uh, derf." But we won't, yet.

Bay area guy who's famous for two things Joe Redner is doing the one that isn't owning a bunch of strip clubs again: he's filed to run for the State Senate District 18 seat as an independent. Some of us who remember Redner's previous runs for office are kind of stoked, as he's both a bit of a rabble-rouser and one of those guys whose positions tend to have the loamy scent of common sense to 'em. This should be interesting.

Speaking of elections, Rick Scott surprised some Florida Republicans by publicly offering encouragement to Senate candidate Carlos Beruff in the wake of Marco Rubio's (tacky? exploitative? gross?) announcement that he had changed his mind and would run to keep his seat. Unsurprised: Everyone who knows money likes money, including our own Kate Bradshaw, who has referred to Beruff as "Trump-ian."

And finally, this story about a trio of dickbags who bilked an 81-year-old neighbor with Alzheimer's out of her savings and caused her to lose her home should get your righteous rage gland pumping and inspire you to call your Moms at the same time. Do that; she's thinking about you.

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