Sh*t Happened 6/26/17: New Pride format successful, Uber driver not so much

The weekend, encapsulated.

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click to enlarge Sh*t Happened 6/26/17: New Pride format successful, Uber driver not so much


Florida governor and also maybe real-life Slenderman Rick Scott finally signed a law outlining the details about qualifications and accessibility of medical marijuana in the state. It kind of felt like it took forever, but then you looked at the clock and realized that oh, yeah, that definitely took forever.


An estimated 30,000 people attended St. Pete Pride's annual parade as its 15th edition saw it move from the Grand Central District to the downtown waterfront. On a personal note, I was among those angry about the relocation of the parade this year, and I certainly hope the businesses in my neighborhood weren't hurt badly as a result, but it's hard to be pissed about such an amazing display of love, unity and support. Just fight the good fight every day, wherever you are, and we're cool.

"A New Port Richey man was arrested for showing up to a Clearwater home naked and eventually throwing feces into a toolbox." Your weekend was boring.


And finally, an Uber driver reached for his gun during an altercation with two riders at Adventure Island over his refusing to let them into his car because they were wet, and it went off. No one was hurt, but if you're A) going to pick up riders at Adventure Island but don't want wet people in your car and B) so scared of being beaten up by a husband and wife over an argument that your first impulse is to reach for a gun, you probably shouldn't be working a gig that has you dealing with members of the public and also kind of suck at life. Also also, Uber is terrible.

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